11 OCT-13 OCT 2019

With the industrialization of food, the current models of time optimisation and exponential growth of cities, we gradually lose grasp of food production, trapped in the position of mere consumers. In this workshop the dining table is at the center, giving back to the kitchen its place as a fundamental space of dialogue. We assemble a meal while challenging habits and re-thinking the components of eating together, as a ritual of sharing and commoning that culminates in a public performative dining experience.

The aim of the workshop was in breaking apart the ritual of a shared meal and integrating them with small exercises that will stimulate bodies, voices and senses.


We tried to shed light on how food reaches our plate and collectively reflect on the commodification of food and how many hidden trajectories food system has that we almost never tend to think about and the effects of this enforced attitude has on our environment.

Screenshot 2020-01-25 at 11.46.57.png

Drawing by Murray Bookchin

We went through the development of the kitchen, from the stove to fridge to spoons, hinting as well on the social aspect of eating beyond feeding.

To make visible and experiential the efforts that are behind what we eat, we created a public dining experience where the eating does not start once the food is on the table, but create a dining machine which is human based. 

Therefore we wanted to build a dining ritual where every bite asks engagement. We put these efforts on a man run table, where human bodies are required to hold it by shifts so that others and ourselves could be fed. 

Eventually feeding was impossible to be performed by oneself, so the one who was not contributing at the moment performing the table, needed to feed the other. This is where the conventional spoons got redesigned, in long and adjustable ones that could perform such action, and at the same time prohibit any kind of self oriented feeding process.

This did not stop here, but to this mise en scene, a do it yourself water pump was added, where to push the water up, bodies constantly needed to exercise on the pedals of the pump.  To this whole setting, the cooking of the food anticipated the dining, by some of the participants engaging in cooking the meal themselves. 

*All the pictures are a courtesy of Hugo David