For the 4th session we expand our exploration into the currentcommons - unfriendly political and economic environment. For commons to perform, there is a need to establish systems that socially, legally and technologically protect their legacy and deal with their persistent struggle at a time when global capitalism is brutally exploiting resources to feed its market machinery. For this reason we will examine the documentary “The Last Call” by Enrico Cerasuolo.


"The Limits to Growth"
In 1968, club of Rome, a global think tank was founded, to develop and interpret a computer model to calculate human economic expansion and its effect to the ecosystem of the earth. Their results were publish in 1972 in a book with the explicit title : “The limits to Growth”. The message of the book which is still holding to nowdays, states that the global system of nature in which we all live, probably cannot support present rates of economic and population growth much beyond the year 2100, if that long, even with advanced technology.


"THE LAST CALL" tells the story of one of the most controversial environmental books-- “The Limits to Growth”-- with its message as explicit as its title and more than ever relevant today: Endless Economic Growth Is Impossible in a Finite Planet. Denouncing this illusion, it calls for the reproductive economy of care, reclaiming the old and creation of new commons.

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