The second session of "What do we talk about when we talk about commons" holds a critical commentary and educational viewing on two short films focusing on Production, Reproduction and Technology as an important triangle in redefining home : "The Column" (2013) by Adrian Paci and "Shift"(2017) by Elizaveta Dorrer, Dmitry Alferov, Arthur Röing Baer, Christian Lavista.

"THE COLUMN" tackles the exasperated economic strategy, whereby time must be condensed to the point in which delivery coincides with production, at a time when commercial goods are being increasingly conceived in one place and manufactured in another through the elaborate and methodical exploitation of cheap labour, seen, in this case, on-board ‘sweatshop ships’. It traces the epic journey of an immense length of marble, extracted from the ground and taken to sea. En route from China to Italy and over the course of a grand voyage, workers toil to chisel and carve the block of marble into the shape of a classical column.


"SHIFT" is a short fiction documentary developed as part of the New Normal program at Strelka Institute in Moscow 2017 and seeks to preserve labor in the face of automation within the trucking industry. It contrasts the aesthetics used to portray automated vehicles with a more realistic view of driverless trucks, showing the implications it might have in the Russian context, and providing solutions that could have a positive impact for the overwhelming majority.

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