What do we talk about when we talk about commons* is a series of screenings which will be used as a medium for a larger research that investigates shared living spaces and everyday life in it. The project will culminate in a publication, that will elaborate the different scale of commoning from the physicality of the spaces where it unfolds, to its politic practicing in the global debate, by rethinking the way we live and how can shared living address alternatives to challenges related to our current cultural model.






BED AND SOFA | Abram Room, 1927

For this first session we will go through “Bed and Sofa” (Abram Room,1927), a movie which takes place in a one-room basement apartment in 1927 Moscow. It is the story of a love triangle between a woman and two men living together, as a result of a housing shortage in Soviet Russia in the 1920’s. It treats the issue of privacy and how the domestic situation becomes conditional in the construction of relationships. There is a strong correspondence between the film and its socio political context. The last draft of the “Family Code” was the subject of intense public debates all over Russia back then. The movie is revolutionary for its time and not only, unveiling a strong feminist flavor with its radical statements about sexual politics and female liberation in 1927. It address complex issues of abiding patriarchy and female self-sufficiency in the new society.

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