organized by the Society of Istrian Architects (DAI-SAI), in collaboration with the Rijeka Society of Architects (DAR) and DeltaLab ( Sweet and Salt program of Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture), as the third edition of an investigation on publishing as an urban practice. 

Starting from the official narrative of Rijeka as a multi-ethnic port, a fiercely contested territory that has been changing ruling hands and demographics many times over the centuries, the participants of “Publishing Acts III” came together to re-narrate the city’s past, present and future by collecting, questioning, complementing, transforming and reassembling material and immaterial historic and present sources. The publishing process on the one hand functioned as a “social choreography” involving a variety of authors with diverse backgrounds and interests, local and foreign perspectives. On the other hand it functions as a sort of sense-making interface, on which diverse realities, fiction and non-fiction, scales, temporalities, perspectives, interests, approaches, techniques and media can involve in a productive interplay. 

During a final event the participants conveyed the insights from the investigation to a broader audience. In an experimental approach of “making a public” they presented the momentary state of their work and thus making it graspable and negotiable and open a space for discourse. 

The participation was made possible partly thanks to the subsidy from the Creative Industries Fund NL and with a financial contribution from CBK Rotterdam.

*All the pictures are a courtesy of Matija Kralj