25 OCT-8 NOV 2020 

Earthmovers is a film essay examining the bulldozer as a significant tool of post socialists countries’ embrace of neoliberalism, brutal wave of privatisation and dispossession of commons. It takes as a starting point the brutal demolition of the National Theatre of Albania after a long-lasting 27 months of everyday resistance through bodies as apparatuses of guardianship over their commons. Taking the bulldozer as a primary object of inquiry, the project addresses the culture of clearance that has penetrated into the public narrative, as a means to catch up with the West, with nations implementing widespread destruction from urban renewal to rural earthmoving practices as a means of achieving progress. Tracing the history of the machine, the film sheds light on the entanglements of nature and technology, and the embedded violence of this transformative technology on both humans and non humans.

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Part of the moving pavilion in Ukraine, curated by MetaLab 

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