Future Architecture is a pan-European platform of architecture museums, festivals and producers, bringing ideas on the future of cities and architecture closer to the wider public.The three day event at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) in Ljubljana represents the most insightful annual gathering around European architecture, and showcase ideas for the future development of architecture and the profession. 

Klodiana Millona and Yuan Chun Liu were both among the 25 selected emerging creatives that were invited to present their projects during the Creative Exchange 2019 in Ljubljana.

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It's time for an Architecture of De-Growth

Klodiana Millona

The project address the urgency for an Architecture of Alternative to the current Dominance of Economic Growth. It investigates alternative ways of thinking that drift away from an architecture of growth. What are some of the approaches of this new paradigm in architecture? 


Expansion as the second Layer of the City

Groundless Ownership

Yuan Chun Liu

The project tries to reimagine the expansion phenomenon in Taipei as possibility for an alternative model of affordable housing at the current situations of a global housing inequality. This project questions conventions of the domestic, property ownership and the economic and political implications of the home. Own nothing, share everything.